Scripts and Code for the Movement Ecology & R Workshop. Hong Kong University Jan3-12, 2018
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Materials for the Movement Ecology & R Workshop. Hong Kong University Jan 3-12, 2018. Please see our workshop website.


  • Dana Paige Seidel, @dpseidel
  • Eric Dougherty, @doughertyeric
  • Dr. Wayne M. Getz, @wmgetz


  • The workshop schedule is found in the Schedule.pdf, produced by the Schedule.Rmd, both found in the main directory.
  • Please review the Logistics & Prep file for instructions on necessary package and software setup.
  • All files, including slides, live coding scripts, and activities are found sorted into directories according to workshop day in the Materials/ directory.
  • The Extra Materials directory contains additional scripts and resources that we did not get to cover fully in the course of the workshop but may be of interest.


Much of this code is adapted from other resources produced by the #Rstats community at large. We make an effort to cite these resources throughout our materials where appropriate but would like to specifically acknowledge the contributions of Andy Lyons, Brianna Abrahms, Clement Calenge, Hadley Wickham, Garrett Grolemund, Carl Boettiger, and Jamie Afflerbach that have influenced this workshop.