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MYSTRAN is a general purpose finite element analysis solver
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MYSTRAN is a general purpose finite element analysis computer program for structures that can be modeled as linear (i.e. displacements, forces and stresses proportional to applied load). MYSTRAN is an acronym for “My Structural Analysis”, to indicate it’s usefulness in solving a wide variety of finite element analysis problems on a personal computer. For anyone familiar with the popular NASTRAN computer program developed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the 1970’s and popularized in several commercial versions since, the input to MYSTRAN will look quite familiar. Many structural analyses modeled for execution in NASTRAN will execute in MYSTRAN with little, or no, modification. MYSTRAN, however, is not NASTRAN. It is an independent program written in modern Fortran 95.

MYSTRAN Homepage:

Developer and Discussion Forum:

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