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Dracula Theme


A dark theme for VsCode, Alfred, Emacs, Highlight.js, Hyper, iTerm, JetBrains, Pygments, Slack, Sublime Text, TextMate,, Vim, Xcode, Zsh, and many more.


All instructions can be found at

Color Palette

Palette Hex RGB HSL Color Picker Boxes
Background #282a36 40 42 54 231° 15% 18% Background Color
Current Line #44475a 68 71 90 232° 14% 31% Current Line Color
Selection #44475a 68 71 90 232° 14% 31% Selection Color
Foreground #f8f8f2 248 248 242 60° 30% 96% Foreground Color
Comment #6272a4 98 114 164 225° 27% 51% Comment Color
Cyan #8be9fd 139 233 253 191° 97% 77% Cyan Color
Green #50fa7b 80 250 123 135° 94% 65% Green Color
Orange #ffb86c 255 184 108 31° 100% 71% Orange Color
Pink #ff79c6 255 121 198 326° 100% 74% Pink Color
Purple #bd93f9 189 147 249 265° 89% 78% Purple Color
Red #ff5555 255 85 85 0° 100% 67% Red Color
Yellow #f1fa8c 241 250 140 65° 92% 76% Yellow Color

For more details about how to apply these different colors to represent different code symbols, please see the Dracula Specification.


"Are you going to support editor X?"

We hope so, but we need your help to accomplish that. Since you're already using app X you're probably much more experienced in it than us. So give it a try first!

"How do I submit a new theme?"
  1. Create a new repository based on this template.
  2. Build the new theme using the Color Palette above.
  3. Finally, submit an issue with a link to your repository. Once the theme is accepted, we will move the repository under the Dracula organization and give you rights to maintain it 😀

Accessibility W3C

The colors maintain a 4.5:1 contrast ratio, complying with WCAG 2.1 | Level AA.

The Dracula Theme Team

Dracula is a project created by Zeno Rocha with the help of many outstanding contributors and maintainers, and each theme has its maintainer listed in the Team section of its README.

On April 13, 2022, Lucas de França officially joined the team, and you can read more here.

Zeno Rocha Lucas de França
Zeno Rocha Lucas de França


Over the years, Dracula has grown to support many more editors. With that came the challenge of supporting many editors, terminals, shells, and more in the same repository. Some package managers require specific files and layouts, which cause conflicts and make them harder to maintain.

So, it was decided to change Dracula from a one-repository theme to an organization. All themes have now been migrated to their repository. With this change, we can better support package managers and list maintainers, make installation instructions easier to find, and support independent releases.

See Dracula organization for all of our repositories.


  • Twitter - Best for getting updates about themes and new stuff.
  • GitHub - Best for asking questions and discussing issues.
  • Discord - Best for hanging out with the community.

Dracula PRO

Dracula PRO is a color scheme and UI theme tailored for programming. Made for terminal emulators, code editors, and syntax highlighters.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping you focused.

Dracula PRO



The changelog is available on the release page in each theme's repository.


MIT License © Dracula Theme