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A Python Library To Access Omniture's SiteCatalyst Reporting API

This is a modified fork from I only included the ranked, realtime report and clean the code a litle bit. All credits for Rob Goretsky.

This library simplifies the process of accessing the Omniture SiteCatalyst Reporting API by wrapping the REST API calls in a Python library.

First, get access configured by reading through documentation at Omniture Developer Connection. Then, to test authentication/access:

from omniture import Omniture  
om = Omniture('username:company','shared_secret')     
json_object =  om.request('Company.GetReportSuites', '')  
for suite in json_object["report_suites"]: 
    print "Report Suite ID: %s\nSite Title: %s\n" % (suite["rsid"], suite["site_title"])  

To get total number of page views yesterday, just run the following. It runs an Overtime report in SiteCatalyst, with pageViews as the metric, and returns the numeric total result.

print om.get_count_from_report('report_suite_name', 'pageViews') 

To get number of page views for "Homepage" and "Media Guide" combined, yesterday, run the following. It runs a Trended report in SiteCatalyst, using pageViews as the metric, and 'page' as the Element, and then selecting for pages titled either "Homepage" or "Media Guide":

print om.get_count_from_report('report_suite_name', 'pageViews', 'page', ["Homepage","Media Guide"])

To get a Report.QueueRanked run the following. If you want pass more than one element you have to pass a list with a dict for every element like this [{"id": "evar1"}, {"product"}].

data = om.ranked_report('report_suite_name', 'visits', element='browser')

To get a Report.GetRealTimeReport run the following.

r = om.real_time_report('report_suite_name', 'revenue')

The get_count_from_report function currently supports requesting one dimension (called an 'element') in addition to the date, which is always implied to be included. It also only currently supports requesting one metric at a time. If you wish to have lower-level access to the Omniture API than this, you can just use the run_omtr_queue_and_wait_request, and pass it the type of request and full request body. This will return a Python object.

obj = om.request_and_wait('Report.QueueTrended', {"reportDescription" : reportDescription})

Full documentation on each of the parameters available to these methods can be found within the code.


Python SDK For The Omniture SiteCatalyst API






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