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By Dale Ragan

Mulder is a simple static site generator inspired by nanoc written in C#. Mulder "compiles" raw documents written in formats like Liquid and Markdown into a complete static website, suitable for serving with your favorite web server.

The Interface

Interacting with Mulder is done through a command line interface using it's available commands.

$ mulder create site <path>

Creates a new Mulder powered site at the desired path with a bare-bones directory layout. A good convention is to treat the last directory in the path as your site name.

This is the only command you can execute outside the root directory of a Mulder powered site. The rest of the commands require you to be in the root directory of your site.

$ mulder compile

Compiles a Mulder powered site into a complete static website. The output is sent to the configured output directory.

$ mulder help

Shows the help for using Mulder's command line interface by printing out available commands.

$ mulder help <command>

Shows the help for a specific command by printing out the name, usage, description, and options.

If you're looking for an example, I've started converting the Mono Monkeyguide as an example of a Mulder powered site. Hopefully it will help keep the Monkeyguide up to date and make it easier for people to contribute new articles.


Mulder uses a modified version of the popular Git branching model by Vincent Driessen. Please follow it when developing on Mulder. In short all development is done off the unstable branch, leaving the master branch containing only stable, production ready code. When submitting pull requests, use the unstable branch. Please use etiquette when contributing code and don't "push" your pull requests.

To ease supporting developers on different platforms, Mulder uses Sake for it's automated build system. There's nothing to install to get up and developing on Mulder, except for Mono or .NET of course, everything else is bootstrapped within the automated build.

After a fresh clone, navigate into the Mulder project directory and then issue the sake command to compile and run the tests if you're on a Mac or Linux machine.

$ ./

If you're on Windows, it's the same command without the ./.

$ sake.cmd


Mulder is currently in pre-Alpha state and doesn't have a public release yet. The source code is under active development, therefore be aware that important areas such as the commands and public API may see backwards incompatible changes between released versions. Mulder uses semantic versioning for each release.


Mulder is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


A simple static site generator written in C#.







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