Generates Elm types and functions from i18n key/value JSON files
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i18n to Elm

Generates Elm types and functions from i18n key/value JSON files.

The tool is meant as an aid if you are using a centralized service to handle the translation of your i18n resources but then need to import the i18n keys/values into your Elm application in a type-safe way.

Note: If you like code that generates code, you might like my other project which turns JSON-schema specs into Elm types+decoders+encoders.


This project requires that you already have elixir and its build tool mix installed, this can be done with brew install elixir or similar.

  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Build an executable: MIX_ENV=prod mix build
  • An executable, i18n2elm, has now been created in your current working directory.


Run ./i18n2elm for usage instructions.

The executable expects one or more json files with the naming scheme: <language code>_<COUNTRY CODE>.json, e.g. en_US.json or da_DK.json, and that each json file is a simple dictionary of i18n keys and values, for example:

    "Hello": "Hej, {0}. Leder du efter {1}?",
    "Next" : "Næste",
    "No": "Nej",
    "Previous": "Forrige",
    "Yes": "Ja"

A complete example of input and output code can be found in the examples folder.


If we supply i18n2elm with the folder examples/input-i18n-json, containing the two JSON files, da_DK.json:

    "Hello": "Hej, {0}. Leder du efter {1}?",
    "Next" : "Næste",
    "No": "Nej",
    "Previous": "Forrige",
    "Yes": "Ja"

and en_US.json:

    "Hello": "Hello, {0}. Is it {1} you are looking for?",
    "Next" : "Next",
    "No": "No",
    "Previous": "Previous",
    "Yes": "Yes"

it produces the following Elm files, Translations/DaDk.elm:

module Translations.DaDk exposing (daDkTranslations)

import Translations.Ids exposing (TranslationId(..))

daDkTranslations : TranslationId -> String
daDkTranslations tid =
    case tid of
        TidHello hole0 hole1 ->
            "Hej, " ++ hole0 ++ ". Leder du efter " ++ hole1 ++ "?"

        TidNext ->

        TidNo ->

        TidPrevious ->

        TidYes ->

and Translations/EnUs.elm:

module Translations.EnUs exposing (enUsTranslations)

import Translations.Ids exposing (TranslationId(..))

enUsTranslations : TranslationId -> String
enUsTranslations tid =
    case tid of
        TidHello hole0 hole1 ->
            "Hello, " ++ hole0 ++ ". Is it " ++ hole1 ++ " you are looking for?"

        TidNext ->

        TidNo ->

        TidPrevious ->

        TidYes ->

and Translations/Ids.elm:

module Translations.Ids exposing (TranslationId(..))

type TranslationId
    = TidHello String String
    | TidNext
    | TidNo
    | TidPrevious
    | TidYes

and finally Translations/Util.elm:

module Translations.Util exposing (parseLanguage, translate, Language(..))

import Translations.Ids exposing (TranslationId)
import Translations.DaDk exposing (daDkTranslations)
import Translations.EnUs exposing (enUsTranslations)

type Language
    = DA_DK
    | EN_US

parseLanguage : String -> Result String Language
parseLanguage candidate =
    case candidate of
        "da_DK" ->
            Ok DA_DK

        "en_US" ->
            Ok EN_US

        _ ->
            Err <| "Unknown language: '" ++ candidate ++ "'"

translate : Language -> TranslationId -> String
translate language translationId =
        translateFun =
            case language of
                DA_DK ->

                EN_US ->
        translateFun translationId

which contains:

  • The Danish translations as a function, daDkTranslations,
  • the English translations as a function, enUsTranslations,
  • all the translation IDs as a union type, TranslationId,
  • a union type capturing all available languages, Language,
  • a function to parse a string into a Language, parseLanguage, and
  • a function to translate a TranslationId for a given Language into a concrete String value.