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oregano - an electrical engineering tool

Join the chat at Build Status Maintainance Status: Passive


oregano is an application for schematic capture and simulation of electronic circuits. The actual simulation is performed by Berkeley Spice, GNUcap or the new generation ngspice. oregano is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL-2.0 included in the file COPYING.


The overall status should still be considered meta-stable, some deprecations are still to be taken core of, there is plenty to do :)


Donations are very welcome!
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The preferred way of supporting oregano is by sending patches and pull requests or filing bug reports.

Quick install guide


If you are not going to build it yourself from source (which in fact is quite straightforward) you can grab a either a ready to install packages or distribution specific recipes:


You need gtk+-3.0, glib-2.0, gio-2.0, gtksourceview-3.0, goocanvas-2.0, libxml2 and intltool in order to build oregano. These are usually included in your favorite distributions repositories and can otherwise be found at the gnome public ftp server. In order to simulate a schematic you need either ngspice or gnucap.

If you are running a recent Fedora or Ubuntu, you can simply use su -c'./' to do that automatically. To install the packages yourself find the package lists under pkg-list.fedora respectivly pkg-list.ubuntu required for compilation.


To build the oregano application issue the following for a debug build

./waf configure build --debug

or the following for a release build

./waf configure build --release

For additional options like specifying the install directory, consult

./waf --help

Note that additional options can be passed to the configure stage, i.e. waf configure --prefix="/usr" build -j6 is commonly used.

If you install oregano to a different prefix than /usr, /usr/local keep in mind that the GSettings schema will be installed under ${PREFIX}/shared/glib-2.0/schemas/, which will not be checked by default. So you need to export the schema location appropriately via export XDG_DATA_DIRS=/usr/local/share:/usr/share:${HOME}/.local/share:${PREFIX}/share before launching oregano, see xdg basedir spec for further details.
Omitting the --prefix=.. option results in /usr/local as prefix, which works just fine.


For installation to the default directories, it is usually required to run

./waf install

with root privileges.

After installation oregano can be started by running oregano from terminal.


./waf uninstall

On subsequent installs with different prefixes this will only remove the last install!


are very welcome! We provide TODO,, and the files under docs/* as a starting point, an overview that should help you going. If you want to discuss an issue or something you would like to implement, don't be shy, drop a message to


This repo also tracks packaging information for fedora (which should also be used for RedHat and CentOS, oregano.spec, use ./waf dist or git archive --format tar --prefix oregano/ HEAD | xz > $HOME/rpmbuild/SOURCE/oregano-0.83.3.tar.xz && cp oregano.spec $HOME/rpmbuild/SPECS/oregano.spec), Ubuntu (and thus Debian unstable, see the debian subdir) and soon to come for Mac (macports only contains a draft right now). If you see the need for more platforms we'd be happy to include even more.


For bug and issue tracking as well as feature requests, the github built in issue tracker plus


Translators are welcome to translate at transifex which will be synced into the git repository a day before a new release is created (see the release milestones for planned release dates)

Currently translations are out of sync and will stay so until the next stable release since many error and ui strings are in the process of being unified.


Q: Why are you doing this? A: If I don't nobody else does. Also: I really like to tinker with electronics and the workflow of geda and friends or running wine to use a glitchy windows shareware never was an option for me.

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