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Title: 42.Defer.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-22
Description: For Study
Defer is used to ensure that a function call is performed later in a program’s execution,
usually for purposes of cleanup. defer is often used where e.g.
ensure and finally would be used in other languages.
package main
import "fmt"
import "os"
func main() {
// Immediately after getting a file object with createFile,
// we defer the closing of that file with closeFile.
// This will be executed at the end of the enclosing function (main),
// after writeFile has finished.
f := createFile("/tmp/defer.txt")
defer closeFile(f)
// Suppose we wanted to create a file, write to it,
// and then close when we’re done. Here’s how we could do that with defer.
func createFile(p string) *os.File{
fmt.Println("------method - call => createFile(p string) *os.File{}")
f, err := os.Create(p)
if err != nil{
return f
func writeFile(f *os.File){
fmt.Println("------method - call => writeFile(f *os.File){} ")
fmt.Fprintln(f, "data")
func closeFile(f *os.File){
fmt.Println("------method - call => closeFile(f *os.File{} ")
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