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CopperTube catabot

A plugin-based IRC bot framework that also provides easy Web interfaces and periodic code execution. Written in Ruby on top of Cinch (for IRC) and Eldr (for Web). Comes with a number of useful and configurable plugins.

Current status: works great

README is outdated as of 2018-08-30, we have more plugins now!

Configuration is done via a single YAML file, see example.yaml.

Requires at least modern Ruby, a bunch of GEMs (see Gemfile) and some database (SQLite will do too). Exact dependencies depend on which plugins you want to use.

Plugin showcase

  • Base
    • Basic infrastructure for other plugins
    • Common help system and bot-wide commands
  • Clock
    • Show current time in different timezones/places
    • Also convert (date) times between timezones/places
  • Seen
    • Show last time the bot has seen a nick
    • Supports wildcards
  • Memo
    • Take notes for nicks not currently present
    • Per-channel public memos and global privmsg memos
    • Wildcarded nick matching, so John_ will get the message for John
  • Links
    • Gather links posted to channels
    • Includes link checking to provided page title where possible
    • Has a web page for recent links with channel filtering
  • Logger
    • Create time-based links to a web IRC log frontend
    • Per-channel snippets, fully configurable target link formatting
    • Example log browser that works well with this: ChatLogger
  • Facts
    • Per-channel facts database with public adding and voting
    • Think of it as a simple keyword-based micro Wiki
    • Has web pages for searching per-channel and a global recent facts page
  • Rules
    • Very similar to Facts above, but no keywords and you ask for a random rule
    • Quite useful e.g. for roguelike self-imposed challenges
  • GitHub
    • Quick IRC interface to a GitHub repository
    • Includes full-blown issue/pr search interface via IRC
    • Show recently merged, pending, link, details...
  • Jenkins
    • Quick IRC interface to a Jenkins instance
    • Show last builds, particular build details...
  • Jq
    • Run jq queries on some data directory
    • Results shown via web interface

Most plugins adapt their output based on if asked on channel vs. via a privmsg.

Here's just a sample:

< user> help *
<  bot> version - Tells you the version
<  bot> plugins - Tells you what plugins are loaded
<  bot> source - Gives you the link to my source code
<  bot> uptime - Tells you bot uptime stats
<  bot> help - Tells you what commands are available
<  bot> help [command] - Tells you basic [command] help
<  bot> seen [nick] - Check last known presence of [nick]. Accepts wildcards
<  bot> memo [...] - Can do: memo pending, memo tell [nick] [message], memo forget [nick]
<  bot> links [...] - Can do: links recent, links about [link]
<  bot> jq [...] - Can do: jq wtf, jq version, jq query [query], jq last
<  bot> github [...] - Can do: github pending, github recent, github link [number], github about [number], github search [query]
<  bot> jenkins [...] - Can do: jenkins last, jenkins recent, jenkins about [number]
<  bot> time [zone] - Show current time in [zone]
<  bot> facts [...] - Can do: facts all [keyword], facts add [keyword] [text], facts vote [up|down] [id], facts about [id], facts del [id], facts stats, facts links
<  bot> rule [...] - Can do: rule give, rule show [id], rule add [text], rule vote [up|down] [id], rule about [id], rule del [id], rule stats, rule links
<  bot> log [...] - Can do: log since [x minutes ago] as [name], log for [name], log about [name], log del [name], log links


Follow the usual GitHub workflow:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Make a new branch for your changes
  3. Work (and remember to commit with decent messages)
  4. Push your feature branch to your origin
  5. Make a Pull Request on GitHub


Standard two-clause BSD license, see LICENSE.txt for details.

Copyright (c) 2015 - 2018 Piotr S. Staszewski

Awesome CopperTube image Copyright (c) 2015 Sean "Chezzo" Osman