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Learn how to use theejs in react using react-three-fiber πŸŽ‰
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Live version: (wait a little for the assets to load)

git clone
cd learnwithjason
yarn start

What's this?

This is a demo Jason Lengstorf (@jlengstorf) and I (@0xca0a) were building together in a learn-with-jason episode on Twitch. We go into threejs a little, how to install three-fiber, what it is, how to create a simple scene, interaction, animation, game-loop fundamentals, lights, shadows, fog and how to load models.





threejs fundamentals:



blender 2.8 intro:


3d asset by Andrey Lukashov (@overlaps)/sketchfab: GLTF data was compressed to draco via gltf-pipeline.

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