🌲Simple to use, configurable tree view with full support for drop-in animations
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npm install react-animated-tree

A simple, configurable tree view control for React.

Demo: https://codesandbox.io/embed/rrw7mrknyp

  • content, Name of the node (string or React-component)
  • type, optional description, good for displaying icons, too (string or React-component)
  • open, optional: default open state
  • canHide, optional: when set true displays an eye icon
  • visible, optional: default visible state
  • onClick, optional: click events on the eye
  • springConfig, optional: react-spring animation config
import Tree from 'react-animated-tree'

<Tree content="Apple" type="Fruit" open canHide visible onClick={console.log}>
  <Tree content="Contents">
    <Tree content="Seeds" />

Create your own effects by passing a react-spring config. The config below is the default (items fade in while moving in 20px from the right). You can go wild here by rotating, flipping, etc.

config = open => ({
  from: { height: 0, opacity: 0, transform: 'translate3d(20px,0,0)' },
  to: {
    height: open ? 'auto' : 0,
    opacity: open ? 1 : 0,
    transform: open ? 'translate3d(0px,0,0)' : 'translate3d(20px,0,0)',

const SpecialTree = props => <Tree {...props} springConfig={config} />

<SpecialTree content="Orange">
  <SpecialTree content="Juice" />