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Python module for Pingdom's RESTful API
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Python Module for Pingdom REST API


Simple Python wrapper for the Pingdom REST API.

This module does not support the soon-to-be obsolete Pingdom SOAP API. See python-pingdom for the SOAP interface.


None beyond the Python standard library.



import pingdom
p = pingdom.Pingdom(username=YourUserName, password=YourPassword, appkey=YourAppKey)

Call an arbitrary method as described in the API docs:

p.method(url='method/url/', method="GET/POST/PUT/etc", parameters={'name':'value', })

Example methods:

# List checks

# Modifiy a check, in this case, pause it
p.method('checks/CHECK_ID_NUM/', method='PUT', parameters={'paused': True})

Some shortcut methods that were useful to me:

# Get checks by name instead of number
p.check_by_name('my check name')

# Pause and unpause a check by name
p.pause_check('my check name')
p.unpause_check('my check name')

# Average Response Time

# Average Response Time for the last 15 minutes
p.avg_response(CHEKC_ID_NUM, minutes_back=15)

# Average Response Time for the last 15 minutes in the US
p.avg_response(CHEKC_ID_NUM, minutes_back=15, country='US')
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