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The drangreport.sty file is a redacted version of the LaTeX style file for reports I discussed in these two blog posts (first and second). It includes provisions for:

  • Plates, as distinct from figures.
  • A title page.
  • A digitized signature.
  • A variety of font combinations.
  • The sort of paragraph spacing, margins, and heading styles I prefer.

Most of the font combinations use the Mathematica fonts. You'll need both these virtual font files and the version 4.1 PostScript files. To get the fonts on a non-Windows machine, use the link at the bottom of the page to download the .exe file and unzip "by hand."

unzip MathFonts_Type1_42.exe

You'll need to know a fair amount about how a TeX system uses fonts to install these correctly and get your system to know they're there.

The drangsymbols.sty file is a set of convenient commands for units and small fractions.