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More than just a user database auth package for FuelPHP
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Latest commit b485b9e @noxify noxify problem with shared hosting account
I got on my webserver the following error:

is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/dev/urandom)

I found the solution here:


Warden is a user database auth package for the FuelPHP framework that aims to fast track development by handling the work load of authenticating and authorizing user's. Built for performance, it comes with ready-to-use models and database install tasks.

Latest release: 2.0.1 (view changelog)

For docs, and installation see


Creator and lead developer: Andrew Wayne (Ando).

Special thanks to Craig Hooghiem, Jesse O'Brien, Andreo Vieira, Ray Clanan and Drazen Tenzera for contributing code, ideas and testing early versions.

Thanks also to the FuelPHP and happyninjas dev team + many who have contributed code, ideas and issues.

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