Instructions on setting up a WEMP (Windows 7, Nginx "EngineX", MySQL, PHP) development server
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WEMP development server

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  1. First download and install the latest of:
  1. Run Easy_WEMP-1.13-win32.exe

  2. Uncheck all values when asked to install any of the above packages.

  3. Read EWEMP-README.txt

  4. Edit ewemp.ini file in install directory, replace with the example one in this repo.

  5. Replace values in ewemp.ini with values corresponding to the installed packages above.

  6. Check out example nginx config to work with php-cgi. fastcgi.conf & nginx.conf.

  7. Edit your nginx config in your nginx installation directory.

  8. Check your php.ini in your php installation directory. If it doesn't exist, rename php.ini-production to php.ini

  9. Check your my.ini in your mysql installation directory.

  10. Run Easy WEMP from the start menu.

  11. Go to [http://localhost/index.php] (http://localhost/index.php) to make sure its working.

  12. Voila! A monitored WEMP server.