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Software anyone can script for! Simply create scripts in Notepad! Follows JavaScript syntax. Interact with Java objects via the Rhino engine!
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PowerBlock, a Minecraft classic server!

Tired of bloatware like MCForge, MCLawl, and all of its variants?

Tired of a lack of versatility? We were too. As a result, we've created PowerBlock - a Minecraft classic server that lets you decide how you want to run your server! PowerBlock supports scripts ( plugins, for those of you from Bukkit! ) that can extend the functionality of the server!

It's extremely easy to pick up. Since scripts are written in JavaScript, you can even program for PowerBlock in Notepad! ( Though we recommend getting Sublime, it looks nice :D ).

As we continue to create the server, we will add more tutorials. Here is an example plugin that changes the login message for players

Also, as mentioned before, Sublime is awesome! Check out how the above source code looks in the Sublime text editor.

Did we mention Sublime is free? :-)
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