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Public BETA

This project is in public beta phase. Please leave us feedback or report any objections via GitHub issue here.

If you like to contribute further translations of this code of conduct, please clone the project and provide a pull request.

We really appreciate any help to improve or extend this website.

Your community / event is committed to this code of conduct?

If you like to be listed on the website as a community or event, that commits to this code of conduct, please open an issue and add all the (contact) information of your community or event you consider to be noteworthy. You can also provide a logo, if you want.

Thank you!

Edit the website

The website is (obviously) generated static content.

If you want to make changes, fix typos or add missing content, please follow these steps.

1. Fork & clone the respository

  • Please fork the repository to your github account.
  • Clone the repository to your local machine
$ git clone<your-github-user>/
$ cd

2. Install the static page generator

The static page generator is a PHAR that is installed using composer and tm/tooly-composer-script.

Simply run:

$ composer update

The static page generator PHAR is placed to vendor/bin/spg.phar and is executable.

3. Make it a Document Root of a webserver

The simplest way is to use the build-in PHP webserver, like this:

$ php -S
# Should print something like this
PHP 7.1.1 Development Server started at Fri Apr 14 11:03:32 2017
Listening on
Document root is /Users/hollodotme/Sites/
Press Ctrl-C to quit.

4. Generate the pages and sitemap for your locale base URL

In order to generate the pages for your local URL ( or whatever your webserver's URL is), you need to run the static page generator with the option --baseUrl="".

$ vendor/bin/spg.phar generate:pages --baseUrl=""
$ vendor/bin/spg.phar generate:sitemap --baseUrl=""

5. Open in browser

Now you should be able to view the pages in your browser when visiting

6. Make changes

  • You can edit the content files located in the ./contents directory.
  • Please do not edit the .html files, those changes will be gone when generating the pages.
  • You can add new images in public/img/
  • You can add new pages in the ./Project.json file. Please refer to the already existing page configs there.


If you're using PhpStorm, you can set up a FileWatcher for the ./contents directory and let the page generator automatically be executed as soon as you saved changes. You won't need to trigger the generator every time yourself.

7. Commit & push your changes


Before you commit your changes, please generate the pages and sitemap again without the --baseUrl-option, so that the real base URL from the settings will take effect.

$ vendor/bin/spg.phar generate:pages
$ vendor/bin/spg.phar generate:sitemap
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m '...'
$ git push

8. Create a pull request

Please create a pull request to the origin repository. We'll then check your changes and merge them.

Thanks for your help!

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