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Overview of HTML5 Standardization Activities
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HTML5 Overview

This is an overview of all HTML5 standardization activities. For now, this content is also published on my blog by transforming it to HTML, but this may change over time, and the blog version is updated less frequently.

HTML5 is more a movement (or maybe it's more appropriate to call it a brand) than it is a technology. It says "more power to the browser" but mostly means "more power to the browser as a programming platform". Given this focus of HTML5, it is surprisingly hard to find a good place where all the APIs under development are listed. This collection is an attempt to have all that information in one place. The current status captured on this page lists 92 current specifications and 25 specifications that were retired as notes (117 total). Since the HTML5 landscape is changing fairly quickly, it is likely that some information on this page is outdated. If that is the case, please submit an issue or create a pull request. Thanks!

I am currently working on making this page as complete as the blog page. As a starting point, here's a status-ordered list of all HTML5 specs covered in the XML source for this page, containing a total of 117 specs (for a classification and abstracts, please visit the blog for now or use the XML source):

Recommendations (16 Specs)

Proposed Recommendations (1 Specs)

Candidate Recommendations (12 Specs)

Working Drafts (63 Specs)

Notes (25 Specs)

If you're interested in history, here's the change log.

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