Example of using lamsonproject to move appointment emails into google calendar
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Simple example of setting up a LamsonProject.org server.

Full details at:

Making your webapp react to emails

Quick setup commands:

  1. Follow Lamson's creator Zed Shaw's 30 second install guide ( setup notes in blog post ).
    $ easy_install lamson
    $ lamson gen -project mymailserver
    $ cd mymailserver
    $ lamson start
    $ lamson log
    $ nosetests
    $ lamson help -for send
    $ lamson send -sender me@mydomain.com -to test@test.com -subject “My test.” -body “Hi there.” -port 8823
    $ less logs/lamson.log
    $ mutt -F muttrc

  2. Create a containing folder.

  3. Into the containing folder, download and extract Google GData library:
    and clone this github repo:
    git clone https://github.com/drewbuschhorn/lamson_gcal_example.git

  4. Edit lamson_gcal_example/simplifiedCalendarExample.py and replace 'REPLACEME' with GCal credentials.

  5. Navigate to lamson_gcal_example/mymailserver and run:
    lamson start

  6. Run this command to create a entry on your calendar:
    lamson send -sender me@localhost -to me@localhost -subject "My test." -body "Hi there. Let's meet from 7pm until 9pm. Does that sound good?" -port 8823

  7. Check your error logs for any issues:
    tail logs/lamson*