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Express Foundation

Express Foundation is Express, Foundation, and other useful libraries plus some skeleton code to get your node-based web project up and running quickly.




  • Express - Web application framework / server
  • Jade - Template engine
  • Stylus - Expressive, dynamic, robust CSS preprocessor
  • nib - CSS3 extensions for Stylus
  • Connect-assets - Rails 3.1-style asset pipeline for Node.js
  • nconf - Configuration management
  • Mocha - Testing framework
  • Chai - BDD / TDD assertion library

Front End

  • Foundation - Responsive front-end framework
  • Foundation Icons - Font icons
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Digits Plugin - Simple plugin to enforce numeric input in text fields
  • Underscore - Utility-belt library for JavaScript
  • Backbone - Lightweight Model-View-Collection framework

Additional Goodies

  • Animated loading image that automatically shows/hides on AJAX requests
  • Placeholder favicon
  • Skeleton code to get you started

How To Use

  1. Do npm install
  2. Run with coffee app

Directory / File Structure

/assets (All front end assets to be processed by connect-assets)
    foundation.css (Foundation framework)
    general_foundicons.css (Foundation Icons CSS)
    style.styl (Your project's styles in Stylus. You'll want to break this into multiple files at some point.)
    /collections (Backbone colletions)
    /models (Backbone models)
    /views (Backbone views)
    backbone-min.js (Minfied Backbone) (Code that needs to run first to get your app up and running)
    jquery-*-min.js (Minified jQuery)
    jquery.digits.js (jQuery Digits plugin) (Main site code. All other custom JS will be concatinated into this.)
    underscore-min.js (Minified Underscore)
/public (Public files accessible directly from the browser, NOT processed by connect-assets)
    general_fondicons.* (Foundation Icon fonts)
    loading.gif (Animated loading image)
  favicon.ico (Your site's favicon)
/routes (Directory for your Express route scripts) (Example of having routes in separate scripts)
/test (Tests go here. You do use tests right?) (Sample tests for your server)
/views (Server-side views go here)
  index.jade (Sample homepage content)
  layout.jade (Sample layout) (Main app)
config.json (Sample config file for use with nconf)
package.json (npm package file) (this)