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Just another 3DS to CIA converter
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Just another 3DS to CIA converter for Linux and Windows.


Easy (precompiled version)

Just unzip the released version, put your roms in the roms directory, put the xorpads in the xorpads directory and launch 3ds-to-cia.
The script will tell you what you need to do.
The resulting CIAs will be found in cia directory.

Pro (from sources)

Install python2 with colorama, build make_cia and put it in your PATH, then just launch ./

Building release

You need to install python2 with pyinstaller and colorama, then:

pyinstaller 3ds-to-cia.spec

in distro directory you will find the resulting binary.

Put the binary in a folder with cia, roms and xorpads empty directories, zip it and redistribuite.

Known Bugs

Big roms (2GB+) cannot be converted (yet) on 32-bit operating systems or if you are using a 32-bit make_cia.


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