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Mike's Vim configuration
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UltiSnips Remove trailing space for int8_t snippets et al.
after Add folding support for QuickFix windows.
autoload Remove Align plugin.
bundle Update bufkill.
colors Adjust szakdark's ColorColumn to a muted dark gray.
doc Update bufkill.
optional-bundle/snippets Add vim-snippets to an optional-bundle area.
plugin Remove Align plugin.
pylib Improve automatic period insertion behavior in snippets like ``@todo``.
scripts Initial import from Subversion projects/trunk/vimfiles@831.
syntax Update Python syntax highlighting to version 3.3.5.
syntax_checkers/rst Use 'html' instead of 'text' for Sphinx syntax checker.
test Add routines (with unit tests) for path manipulation.
tool Work around quote-handling issues with :Ack on Windows.
user Test drive the 'splitright' option for a while.
.gitignore Remove .gitignore files that should not have been added in the first …
CHANGES.txt Document update of bufkill plugin to version 0.12.
README.txt Add CHANGES.txt file and consolidate installation instructions.
_buildtool-7.2 Remove trailing whitespace.
buildtool Remove trailing whitespace.
filetype.vim Set the filetype .coveragerc to cfg.
home.vimrc Initial import from Subversion projects/trunk/vimfiles@831.
scripts.vim Initial import from Subversion projects/trunk/vimfiles@831. Remove Command-T. The functionality is fully replaced by CtrlP.
vimrc Remove Signature maps for '[, '], `[, and `].


The vimfiles project is a collection of Vim configuration files that gather
settings, plugins, and documentation to provide a powerful editing environment
with minimal additional tweaking.

See doc/notes.txt for more information on setting up vimfiles, building Vim,
and using the features provided by vimfiles.
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