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=========== Lottify-Me is your personal lottery companion. We are a lottery notification app that makes searching and getting results much easier. If the draw was in the past, we tell you if you won, and if it's in the future we will tell you as soon as the draw happens if you won. No more forgetting about lottery tickets, or spending time figuring out where to check for results --- and more time getting your lottery money and spending it.

=========== DESCRIPTION

A web-app that allows you to:

  • Input your lottery number(s)
  • Notifies you if you have a winning number (-) Tells you the nearest place to collect your money

====== Pending tasks

  • Setup heroku scheduler

  • Write method that handles searching users after a draw and sends emails that apply (Done # needs testing)

  • Reduce the amount of data pulled from lottos due to database storage. (Done)

  • Change input numbers so it accepts single digits 1 vs 01

  • Accept only valid future dates on the display of calendar depending on lotery

  • Change title on production app to lotifyme beta (Done)

  • Write more descriptive emails.

  • Set logo on the tab of the browser (Done)

  • Fix login and signup from home (change user flow. first login os signup and then create pick is available) (Done)

  • Fix damage to swift app code logic due to new user flow on creation of user an picks on API and web ()

  • Setup security tokens on swift

  • Improve user experience (design) (on process)

  • Fix nav bar display when user has username (Done)

  • Setup input numbers box to change depending on the amount of numbers needed to play. ex: pick10 = 10 numbers, powerball = 6 numbers

  • Fix buttons on movil (Done)

  • fix side togle bar that is not showing on iphone devices (Done)

  • Display view to the user when finish uploading one pick to confirm information correct.

  • Add option of creating more than one pick at a time for the same day of draw

  • Change display of picks on my picks list for user to know when a pick is pending for drawing

  • Add footer of copyrights

  • Create About, FAQ, Contact us and Team pages

  • Impruve mobile experience

  • create a input for storing emails of interested ios users (Done)

  • create a testers signup for ios beta testing users


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