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Odoo Snippets for Visual Studio Code
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Odoo Snippets

This extension contains predefined code snippets for Odoo developer. Snippets are available for following supported languages (file extensions):

  • Python (.py)
  • Javascript (.js)
  • XML (.xml)

All snippets follow the Odoo Guidelines.


Press Ctrl+P or Command+P (for Mac). Paste command ext install jigar-patel.OdooSnippets and press Enter.

How to use?

Most snippets prefixed with oo. For example if you want to add create CRUD method then type oocreate.


Python (.py)

Prefixed with oo
Prefix Description
manifest Add manifest json
import Add an import
model Add model
fchar Add char field
ftext Add text field
fhtml Add html field
fboolean Add boolean field
finteger Add integer field
ffloat Add float field
fselection Add selection field
fdate Add Date field
fdatetime Add dateTime field
fbinary Add binary field
fmonetary Add monetary field
fmany2one Add many2one field
fone2many Add one2Many field
fmany2many Add many2Many field
fcompute Add compute field
fcomputei Add compute field with inverse method
fonchange Add onchange field
fconstrains Add constrains on field
create Add create method
write Add write method
unlink Add unlink method
fim Add import from

Javascript (.js)

Prefixed with oo
Prefix Description
define Defining a module
widget Add widget
super Add super statement
rpc Add rpc call
rpc_route Add route rpc call
dialog Add dialog widget
alert Add alert dialog
confirm Add confirm dialog

XML (.xml)

Prefixed with oo
Prefix Description
namespace Add Odoo namespace
menu_root Add root menu
menu_sub Add sub menu
form Add form view
list Add list view
kanban Add kanban view
search Add search view
calendar Add calendar view
cohort Add cohort view
gantt Add gantt view
graph Add graph view
pivot Add pivot view
activity Add activity view
qweb Add qweb view
button_header Add button in form view header
button_box Add stat button(s) container in form view
button_stat Add stat button in form view
field Add field tag
notebook Add a notebook
page Add a notebook page
chatter Add chatter
action Add action
action_view Add view in action
server_action Add server action
url_action Add URL action
client_action Add client action
report Add report action
report_template Add report template
cron Add cron job
record Add record
function Add function
template Add template
templatei Add template inherit
xpath Add xpath
xpath_attr Add xpath to attributes
script Add script tag
link Add link tag to include stylesheet

XML (.xml) - Qweb Special

Prefix Description
t-if Add if condition
t-if-else Add if-else condition
t-foreach Add foreach loop
t-set Add variable
t-att Add attribute
t-attf Add attribute with format value
t-esc Evaluate expression
t-raw Evaluate html content
t-call Call other template
t-debug Invokes a debugger
t-log Log the expression result


If you'd like to report an issue or help contribute to this visual studio code extension, please visit the repository on Github.

Thanks to all the people who already contributed!

Release Notes

Detailed release notes are available here.


Code licensed under MIT.

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