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Odoo Snippets

This extension contains predefined code snippets for Odoo developer. Snippets are available for following supported languages (file extensions):

  • Python (.py)
  • Javascript (.js)
  • XML (.xml)
  • CSV (.csv)

All snippets follow the Odoo Guidelines.


Launch VS Code. Press Ctrl+P or Command+P (for Mac). Paste command ext install jigar-patel.OdooSnippets and press Enter.

How to use?

Snippets prefixes are defined in documentation. Type prefix and select snippet from the suggestion list.

For example if you want to add create CRUD method then type oocreate.

Search Snippets

You can search snippets with Odoo Snippet Search command which can be run by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P or Command+Shift+P (for Mac).


Python (.py)

Prefix Purpose
manifest Manifest JSON
imo Import Odoo Model/Fields/API
ime Import Odoo Exceptions
iml Import Logging
imf Import From
oomodel Add model
oofchar Char Field
ooftext Text Field
oofhtml Html Field
oofboolean Boolean Field
oofinteger Integer Field
ooffloat Float Field
oofselection Selection Field
oofdate Date Field
oofdatetime DateTime Field
oofimage Image Field
oofbinary Binary Field
oofmonetary Monetary Field
oofmany2one Many2one Field
oofone2many One2many Field
oofmany2many Many2many Field
oofcompute Compute Field
oofcomputei Compute Field with Inverse
oofonchange Onchange Field
oofconstrains Constrains
ooone Ensure One
oooverride Override Method
oocreate Create Method
oowrite Write Method
oounlink Unlink Method
related Related Attribute
required Required Attribute
readonly Readonly Attribute
copy Copy Attribute
store Store Attribute
digits Digits Attribute
help Help Attribute
check_company Check Company Attribute

XML (.xml)

Prefix Purpose
<odoo> Odoo Namespace
<data> Data Tag
<menuitem> Root Menu
<menuitem> Submenu
<form> Form View
<tree> Tree View
<kanban> Kanban View
<search> Search View
<calendar> Calendar View
<cohort> Cohort View
<gantt> Gantt View
<graph> Graph View
<pivot> Pivot View
<activity> Activity View
<qweb> Qweb View
<viewInherit> Inherit View
<buttonHeader> Button in Form View Header
<buttonBox> Stat Button Container
<buttonStat> Stat Button
<field> Field Tag
<filter> Filter in Search View
<notebook> Notebook
<page> Notebook Page
<chatter> Chatter
<action> Action
<actionView> View in Action
<actionServer> Server Action
<actionUrl> URL action
<actionClient> Client Action
<actionReport> Report Action
<report> Report Template
<cron> Cron
<record> Record
<function> Function
<template> Template
<templateInherit> Inherit Template
<xpath> Xpath
<xpathAttr> Xpath to Attributes
<xpathField> Xpath for Field
<attribute> Attribute for Xpath
<group> Group
<script> Script
<link> SCSS Link
<assetsBackend> Backend Assets
<assetsFrontend> Frontend Assets


Prefix Purpose
<t-if> If Condition
<t-if-else> If Else Condition
<t-foreach> Foreach Loop
<t-set> Set Variable
<t-esc> Evaluate Expression
<t-out> Evaluate Expression
<t-raw> Evaluate Html Content
<t-call> Call Other Template
<t-debug> Invokes a Debugger
<t-log> Log the Expression Result
t-att t-att
t-attf t-attf

Python and XML (.py and .xml)

Prefix Purpose
ooleaf Domain Leaf

CSV (.csv)

Prefix Purpose
oocolumns Columns
ooaccess Access for Model

Javascript (.js)

Prefix Purpose
odoo-module Define Odoo Module
imc Import Component
imcs Import Component and useState
oc Component
occ Component with Constructor
ocs Component with Setup
ms Setup
mws willStart
mm mounted
mwup willUpdateProps
mwp willPatch
mp patched
mwum willUnmount
mce catchError
uss useState
usr useRef
usc useContext
ust useStore
usd useDispatch
onm onMounted
onwn onWillUnmount
onwp onWillPatch
onp onPatched
ows onWillStart
owup onWillUpdateProps

Full Expansions

odoo-module - Define Odoo Module

/** @odoo-module **/

imc - Import Component

const { Component } = owl;

imcs - Import Component and useState

const { Component } = owl;
const { useState } = owl.hooks;

oc - Component

export class MyComponent extends Component { }

occ - Component with Constructor

export class MyComponent extends Component {
    constructor(...args) {

ocs - Component with Setup

export class MyComponent extends Component {
    setup() {

ms - Setup

setup() {

mws - willStart

async willStart() { }

mm - mounted

mounted() { }

mwup - willUpdateProps

async willUpdateProps(nextProps) { }

mwp - willPatch

willPatch() { }

mp - patched

patched() { }

mwum - willUnmount

willUnmount() { }

mce - catchError

catchError(error) { }

uss - useState

this.state = useState({});

usr - useRef

this.ref = useRef('');

usc - useContext

this.context = useContext();

ust - useStore

this.state = useStore((state) => state);

usd - useDispatch

this.dispatch = useDispatch();

onm - onMounted


onwu - onWillUnmount


onwp - onWillPatch


onp - onPatched


onws - onWillStart


onwup - onWillUpdateProps

onWillUpdateProps(nextProps => { });


If you'd like to report an issue or help contribute to this visual studio code extension, please visit the repository on Github.

Thanks to all the people who already contributed!

Release Notes

Detailed release notes are available here.


Code licensed under MIT.