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= OpenSocial -- REST/RPC and authentication wrappers

The OpenSocial modules provides wrapper functionality for REST and RPC HTTP
requests to OpenSocial-compliant endpoints. The results of these calls are
translated into helper objects, each representing a specific type of data
that the calls are expected to return. Finally, the module provides helper
functionality for verification of signed makeRequest calls.

== Features

This library operates using a set of wrappers around basic HTTP requests
and authentication, including the following features:

* Read-only REST support:

   r =
   person = r.send
   puts person.display_name
   # person is a Person object.
* Read-only RPC support (with batch processing):

   r =
   r.add(:me =>
   r.add(:friends =>
   data = r.send
   # data contains two entries.
   # data[:me] is a Person object. 
   # data[:friends] is a Collection of Person objects, indexed by ID.
* Automatic OAuth HMAC-SHA1 signing on outgoing requests:

   consumer_key = ''
   consumer_secret = 'uynAeXiWTisflWX99KU1D2q5'
   requestor = '03067092798963641994'
   c = => OpenSocial::Connection::ORKUT,
                                  :consumer_key => consumer_key,
                                  :consumer_secret => consumer_secret,
                                  :xoauth_requestor_id => requestor)
   r =
   person = r.send
* Incoming signed makeRequest verification helper:

   class ExampleController < ApplicationController
     CONSUMER_KEY = '623061448914'
     CONSUMER_SECRET = 'uynAeXiWTisflWX99KU1D2q5'
     include OpenSocial::Auth
     before_filter :validate
     def return_private_data

== Installation

The following gems and their dependencies are required by this client library:

* oauth
* json
* rails (optional, for incoming signed makeRequest validation)
* mocha (optional, for running tests)

Once you have the required gems installed, check out the project code from SVN,
and copy opensocial.rb and opensocial/ into your application's path. Then add:

  require 'opensocial'
in your code.

To generate docs:

  rdoc * --main README
from the (tag/branch/trunk) root of the project directory.

To run tests:

  rake test
from the (tag/branch/trunk) root of the project directory.

== Learning More

Examples, current issues and feature requests, and the most up-to-date code
are available on the {project page}[].

Discussion of this client library and others takes place

== Contributing

If you'd like to contribute code to the project, check out this
{wiki page}[].