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Wordpress plugin updater script is a perl script to check specified locations on your web server or Wordpress plugin updates. It will scan the folder, and
compare plugin versions to those on central repository and update if updates are found. It can batch process all plugins. Alternately, you can
 specify command line options for the plugin names, and update just required plugins.

Installation instructions:

Command line options:
--help or -h: Display this help message
--source=/path/to/plugindirectory or -s/path/to/plugindirectory
	Multiple folders can be specified at a time.
	Eg: ./ --source=/var/www/virtual/site1/htdocs/wp-content/plugins,/var/www/virtual/site2/htdocs/wp-content/plugins
--version or -v: Display script version information
--plugin=PluginName or -pPluginName: Specify one or more plugins to process instead of all plugins under source directory. To specify more than one plugin,
you can either repeat this option, like:
	Eg: ./ --plugin=nextgen-gallery --plugin=genesis-beta-tester
you can alternately specify a comma seperated list of plugins, like:
	Eg: ./ --plugin=nextgen-gallery,genesis-beta-tester
 Modified and rewritten from the work of Ventz Petkov at