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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
© Copyright 2015-2016, 3D Robotics.
followme - Tracks GPS position of your computer (Linux only).
This example uses the python gps package to read positions from a GPS attached to your
laptop and sends a new vehicle.simple_goto command every two seconds to move the
vehicle to the current point.
When you want to stop follow-me, either change vehicle modes or type Ctrl+C to exit the script.
Example documentation:
from __future__ import print_function
from dronekit import connect, VehicleMode, LocationGlobalRelative
import gps
import socket
import time
import sys
#Set up option parsing to get connection string
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Tracks GPS position of your computer (Linux only).')
help="vehicle connection target string. If not specified, SITL automatically started and used.")
args = parser.parse_args()
connection_string = args.connect
sitl = None
#Start SITL if no connection string specified
if not connection_string:
import dronekit_sitl
sitl = dronekit_sitl.start_default()
connection_string = sitl.connection_string()
# Connect to the Vehicle
print('Connecting to vehicle on: %s' % connection_string)
vehicle = connect(connection_string, wait_ready=True)
def arm_and_takeoff(aTargetAltitude):
Arms vehicle and fly to aTargetAltitude.
print("Basic pre-arm checks")
# Don't let the user try to arm until autopilot is ready
while not vehicle.is_armable:
print(" Waiting for vehicle to initialise...")
print("Arming motors")
# Copter should arm in GUIDED mode
vehicle.mode = VehicleMode("GUIDED")
vehicle.armed = True
while not vehicle.armed:
print(" Waiting for arming...")
print("Taking off!")
vehicle.simple_takeoff(aTargetAltitude) # Take off to target altitude
# Wait until the vehicle reaches a safe height before processing the goto (otherwise the command
# after Vehicle.simple_takeoff will execute immediately).
while True:
print(" Altitude: ", vehicle.location.global_relative_frame.alt)
if vehicle.location.global_relative_frame.alt>=aTargetAltitude*0.95: #Trigger just below target alt.
print("Reached target altitude")
# Use the python gps package to access the laptop GPS
gpsd = gps.gps(mode=gps.WATCH_ENABLE)
#Arm and take off to altitude of 5 meters
while True:
if != "GUIDED":
print("User has changed flight modes - aborting follow-me")
# Read the GPS state from the laptop
# Once we have a valid location (see gpsd documentation) we can start moving our vehicle around
if (gpsd.valid & gps.LATLON_SET) != 0:
altitude = 30 # in meters
dest = LocationGlobalRelative(gpsd.fix.latitude, gpsd.fix.longitude, altitude)
print("Going to: %s" % dest)
# A better implementation would only send new waypoints if the position had changed significantly
# Send a new target every two seconds
# For a complete implementation of follow me you'd want adjust this delay
except socket.error:
print("Error: gpsd service does not seem to be running, plug in USB GPS or run")
#Close vehicle object before exiting script
print("Close vehicle object")
# Shut down simulator if it was started.
if sitl is not None: