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Web application to share information with simple one time password
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otp-sh is a small web application that provide you with the possibility to share secrets with an hash and one time password. It's only build as a workaround for users that are not able to use pgp or other crypto methods.

I created this application because sometimes I had to share a username and password with persons that didn't use pgp or smime for an email communication. So I mail an otp-sh link and tell them the one time password on the phone.

Please note this isn't 100% secure! The administrator of the web server is able to jump into the connection from client to the server.


  • nodejs
  • redis
  • nginx or another webserver with ssl support
  • hiredis (optional)

All required node modules could be installed with npm install. The redis server should be configured to disallow key storage on the disk.

Installation and usage

I'm using SmartOS do deploy this service, but this should also work on different operating systems as well.

Install the requirements first with your lovely package manager. The installation of hiredis improve the performance for the nodejs redis module.

pkgin install nodejs redis nginx

Configure redis to save the data only in memory.

# Remove or comment the `save` options
vim /opt/local/etc/redis.conf

# Use `sed` instead of `vim``
sed -i 's:^save:#save:g' /opt/local/etc/redis.conf

Clone the repository for example into /var/www.

cd /var/www
git clone

Install the node / npm requirements via npm install.

cd /var/www/otp-sh
npm install

You should run the API (the nodejs application) as user behind a ssl proxy server, for example nginx. I also recommend to use two sub domains for the API and the static content.

  • the nodejs application
  • static content from the public folder

Maybe you like to modify some settings in the static content.

# Remove or replace the `` url in line 34:

# Change the API URL in line 2:

You should create an extra user to run the API nodejs process.

useradd -s /bin/false -b /var/www/otp-sh otp-sh

It depends on your OS how you like to start the node application. I'm using SMF on SmartOS, you could follow this link for an example.

wget -O otp-api.xml
svccfg import otp-api.xml

The following environment variables are available:

  • SITE_SECRET: Required, should be a random secret
  • PORT: Socket or port which the application should listen (default: 3000)
  • EXPIRE_TIME: Redis key expire time (default: 7200 minutes)
  • SLICE_COUNT: Slice count from the hash and otp (default: -6 chars)

Configure the nginx webserver to surve the API and the static content. Some examples could be found also on gist.

cd /opt/local/etc/nginx/

# WARNING: this will replace your existing nginx.conf file
wget -O nginx.conf

mkdir sites
cd sites

Use SSL and place your certificates in /opt/local/nginx/ssl.

That's it :-)


       +                                                                       +
       |                                                                       |
       |                                +---------+                            |
user +-|-> | plain | +----------------> | encrypt | +----> | crypt txt | +--------> db
       |                                +---------+                            |
       |       +                                                               |
       |       |                              ^                    +-->|url| +----> email
       |       v                              |                    |           |
       |                                      +                    |           |
       |     +---+        +------+                       +-------+ |           |
       |     | + |+-----> | hash | +-----> | key | +---> | split |-+           |
       |     +---+        +------+                       +-------+ |           |
       |                                                           |           |
       |       ^                                                   |           |
       |       |                                                   +-->|otp| +----> phone
       |       +                                                               |
       |                                                                       |
       |   |site sec|                                                          |
       |                                                                       |
       |                                                                       |
       +                                                                       +
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