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GeMTC - Mixed Treatment Comparison library

GeMTC is a library for Mixed Treatment Comparison (MTC) model generation. MTC is also known as Network Meta-Analysis.

The library is capable of generating JAGS and BUGS models for both dichotomous and continuous data structures. The data is provided in an XML file and processed by the library to generate the correct parametrization, whether a consistency, an inconsistency or a node-split model.

Currently, the GeMTC library can be used as either:

  • A graphical user interface (GUI) application with built-in data management and model generation capabilities. The generated models can be run using JAGS or BUGS, or by GeMTC GUI itself.

  • A Java library that can also run the MTC models using the YADAS pure Java MCMC package. This is used by ADDIS2 to perform network meta-analysis.

WARNING: The GeMTC Java is no longer maintained. Development is being continued in the GeMTC R package.


GeMTC is built in Java, and requires Java 6 (JRE 1.6) or newer.

Optionally, JAGS, OpenBUGS, or WinBUGS can be used to estimate the generated Bayesian models.


0.14.3: Fixed bug in initial values calculation and minor improvements

0.14.1: Bugfix and minor improvements.

0.14: Moved analysis functionality from ADDIS into GeMTC GUI, enabling the estimation of MTC models directly within GeMTC GUI. Removed GeMTC CLI.

0.12.4: Library updates for ADDIS 1.14.

0.12.3: Bugfixes.

0.12.2: Bugfixes and minor improvements.

0.12.1: Sort studies and treatments alphabetically, fix flaw in prior generation, and other bugfixes. Improve integration with ADDIS and allow the simulation to be extended after assessment of convergence.

0.12: Complete rewrite in Java, redesigned node-splitting model generation.

0.10.1: Bugfixes, generate R code for JAGS models.

0.10: Addition of GeMTC GUI, improved consistency model generation, support for BUGS. Renamed to GeMTC CLI and GeMTC GUI.

0.8: Starting value generation for JAGS models, JAGS node-split models, provide R code for analysis.

0.6: Node-splitting models, assessment of convergence, starting value generation, allow access to samples (all for YADAS only, JAGS models have not advanced). Modularized into 4 libraries.

0.4: Improved parametrization algorithm. Allow output of Network as XML. Check connectedness of network. Some issues fixed.

0.2: Initial release. JAGS and YADAS model generation. Java API for running MTC models.

Building from source

Source code can be obtained from the GeMTC site. In order to build GeMTC you need:

To build, use "mvn package". Due to downloading dependencies, the first time this may take a while.


GeMTC is open source, and licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


Contact the author, Gert van Valkenhoef,, for more information.


[ADDIS 1.x] Mixed Treatment Comparison library (DEPRECATED)







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