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Diamond Search CE

Official Website | Diamond Search EE, PE Live Demo! | Diamond Search EE, PE on eXchange Store

Diamond Search - Simply brilliant out-of-the-box search engine for OXID eShop!

  • Search by all relevant article fields, categories, manufacturers, vendors, variants selections and attributes
  • Search field auto-complete function
  • Configurable search filters
  • Unlimited Multi-shops and multilingual shops support
  • No server configuration, no integrations, no setup or indexing effort - just install the module and activate it!
  • Articles will index for first time and re-index on changes automatically
  • Excellent performance even with large amount of articles
  • Easily configurable search options in administration back-end
  • Customize fields to search by, set ranking options, add Your custom fields
  • Lots of useful search settings to match Your needs
  • Monitor page to track indexing process
  • Advanced search form
  • Promotion articles widget

Diamond Search - Autocomplete

Diamond Search - Filters

Diamond Search - Options

Diamond Search - Monitor

What's new in v0.4.x

  • Compatibility with OXID eShop v4.9.x/v5.2.x
  • Advanced search form widget
    • Fully configurable fields to filter by
    • Works as a combined filer compatible with sidebar filters
  • Promotion articles widget
    • Articles selection box widget
    • Configurable in back end for default selection
    • Also could be inserted as a widget with custom parameters
    • Selection is based on Diamond Search engine
  • Stop words list for unwanted search terms
    • Pre-configured for most common not needed search keywords
    • Configurable per language for custom keywords exclusion
  • Search filters adjusted
    • Selected filter is highlighted
    • If filter is selected, other values are not shown
  • German translations (not complete)
  • Bug fixes and refactoring
    • German language specific words parsing fixed
    • Filter values URL encoding issues fixed
    • Search parser values decoding and split bug fixed
    • CMS pages rendering failure bug fixed
    • Variant indexing on parent article save implemented
    • Variants removal from index on parent article deletion/deactivation

What's new in v0.3.x

  • Price range filter (EE, PE editions only)
  • New search option - find parent articles only (EE, PE editions only)
  • Extended monitor page (EE, PE editions only)
    • More statistics for index contents
    • Most frequent search terms
    • Most popular search terms
    • Configuration options for statistics count and access settings
  • Personalized search hints in auto-complete (EE, PE editions only)
    • Stores successful search queries
    • When searching again suggest saved terms on top of the auto-complete list
  • Performance Booster (EE, PE editions only)
    • Module is pre-configured for maximum performance
    • Optimized indexing and search processes
      • Database indexes design tested and improved
      • Queries refactored for best performance
      • Removed redundant functionality to make indexing faster
      • Other performance fixes in indexing process
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Search filters shown only in search page sidebar
    • Extended hits count display setting implementation
    • Added monitor page link in administration area main menu
    • Other minor fixes

What's new in v0.2.x

  • Search filters
    • Fields configuration allows to set filter option
    • Search filters sidebar widget introduced
    • Color filter has special colored style for simple color names
    • Filter results are stored in session and processed on background
  • Configurable option - Index on change. Article is indexed immediately on save.
  • Article extends model support created, fields added to default configuration
  • Added configurable search statistics saving
  • Structure changes
    • Fields configuration file is now named config.php
    • All sample attributes area added to default fields configuration
    • Module is now independent of DB views - unlimited multi-shops and languages are supported
    • Database tables indexes were optimized for best performance
    • Cron script now has more documentation inside comments
  • Bug fixes:
    • Cron script messages format fixed
    • Faulty article indexing "trap" fixed
    • Save hooks for models are fixed to set required fields on firs save only
    • Sorting by price and title fixed
    • Older versions support added
    • Other minor fixes

How to install the module

  • Copy everything from copy_this/ package folder to Your OXID eShop root directory.
  • Activate the module in administration back-end.

That's it! Optionally adjust module settings (in administration back-end) and configure cron (see cron.php script comments).


Diamond Search - Simply brilliant out-of-the-box search engine for OXID eShop!




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