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DruxtSite quickstart - Serverless Druxt

One click, Fully Decoupled, Full Static, Serverless Drupal Site starter-kit with Druxt.

DruxtSite connects Drupal to Nuxt via JSON:API to provide a framework for building a Fully Decoupled site.

This template is configured to have full static content deployed to a CDN, without the need for a live Drupal backend.

Develop, craft and create locally or in the cloud, deploy anywhere.

This repostory provides a quickstart installation of:

  • Drupal 9 with Tome sync
  • Nuxt 2
  • DruxtSite


Try it before you fork it:

Open in Gitpod

Getting started

  1. Click the Use this template button in GitHub and follow the on-screen instructions to Create a new repository.

  2. Once the repository has been generated, open it in Gitpod by appending to the GitHub url.


    Note: If this is your first time using Gitpod, you can signup for a free plan with your Github account.

  3. Wait for your codebase to build.

    Note: To speed up this step, enable Prebuilds by follow the instructions @

How to use it

Your environment contains a pre-install, pre-configured and running instance of Drupal with Tome, and Nuxt with the DruxtSite module enabled.

You can access the services in your browser, via the Remote Explorer extension, or via the URL pattern: https://[PORT]-[GITPOD_ID].[GITPOD_SERVER]


Port Service
3000 Nuxt.js
3003 Storybook
8080 Drupal



DDEV is an open source tool that makes it dead simple to get local PHP development environments up and running within minutes.

DDEV is used to manage the Drupal instance, and provides a CLI that can be used to run common drupal tasks, including ddev drush.

These commands should be run from within the /drupal folder.

Refer to the documentation for more details:


Storybook integration with NuxtJS .

Druxt integrates with the Nuxt Storybook module to provide zero-configuration, auto-discovery stories with access to live data from your Drupal backend.

To start Storybook, navigate to the nuxt directory and run npx nuxt storybook.

Tome sync

Tome sync is a static storage system for content, allowing you to keep your content up to date without the need of a database.

See the project page for more details:




Serverless Druxt starterkit template







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