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Facile backlog a user story teller project
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The goal of this project is to provide a simple agile backlog management

How to install

  • Clone the project in your directory using git.

  • Install the required tools to run the service.
    • Python 2.7
    • virtualenv
    • deamontools ( for envdir )
    • foreman ( gem install foreman )
  • Create a virtualenv in the project directory.

  • Install dependencies using pip
    • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create Postgres database
    • createdb backlogman
    • make syncdb
  • Create the admin user
    • envdir envdir python createsuperuser
  • (optional) Configure mail service in envdir/SMTP_URL and envdir/FROM_EMAIL
    • If you have no mail, you will have to copy the invitation and registration URLs in your console log.
  • Start your redis server

  • Start the server

Development extension

  • Install dependencies using pip
    • pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  • Install tools
    • compass ( gem install compass ) and dependencies
    • less ( gem install less ) and dependencies
    • bootstrap-sass ( gem install bootstrap-sass ) and dependencies
  • Authors: David Saradini and contributors
  • Licence: BSD
  • Compatibility: Django 1.5+
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