Simulator for exoplanet direct imaging space missions
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deanthedream Add note about pre-existing cluster workers
If an ipcluster worker is still running when a new cluster is started (could be caused by terminating the ipcluster process without ipcluster stop) then you may have python workers still running. And the suggested remedy is to kill your open python sessions (one of which would be the hanging worker).
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Exoplanet Open-Source Imaging Mission Simulator

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Documentation, Install Instructions and Quick Start Guide

Interface Control Documentation

Credits and Acknowledgements

Created by Dmitry Savransky

Written by Christian Delacroix, Daniel Garrett, Gabriel Soto, Dean Keithly, Dmitry Savransky, with contributions by Rhonda Morgan, Michael Turmon, Patrick Lowrance, Walker Dula and Neil Zimmerman.

EXOSIMS makes use of Astropy, a community-developed core Python package for Astronomy (Astropy Collaboration, 2013).

EXOSIMS optionally makes use of Forecaster (

EXOSIMS optionally makes use of NASA's Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility's SPICE system components (

EXOSIMS optionally uses values from: Mamjek, E. "A Modern Mean Dwarf Stellar Color and Effective Temperature Sequence",, Version 2017.09.06

EXOSIMS development is supported by NASA Grant Nos. NNX14AD99G (GSFC), NNX15AJ67G (WPS) and NNG16PJ24C (SIT).

For further information, please see EXOSIMS's ASCL page and the following papers: