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An educational app for autism patients.
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Shabd App

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"Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behavior". To overcome this problem we came up with an educational app that helps this people to get educated via a completely free platform. This app can also be used to educated the kids. The UI of the app is user friendly. The app acts like an all time friend for the autism patients, who are often neglected by the society.


  • Vocabulary that's fast and efficient.
  • It takes mere seconds to add new words from your child's life into Shabd.
  • Shabd shows you where to find words in the vocabulary so you can model effectively.
  • Visualize the metrics that show you how your child is developing.
  • Learn words from images.
  • Pronounce the word and check whether it is correct or not.
  • It is open source and free to use.

Impact on Society

The app is mainly made to educate the people those who are suffering from auitsm. It is available completely in free of cost. This makes it accessible even for the poorest section of the society. It will benefit the patients to gain knowledge of communication. Also they would get something that will accompany them all the time, so that they wont feel lonely. Normal kids at younger age can also use this app to increase their knowledge in communication.


  • Create basic layout.
  • Make API to fetch data from google and save it in Firebase.
  • Make use of Google TTS to pronounce words.
  • Progress bar to check progress of student.
  • Seperate login portal for parent and student.
  • Place to add new words in the databse.
  • Voice recorder and repeater system.

Install and contribute

$ git clone

Then open in Android Studio.

Branch Policy

We have the following branches:

  • master The master branch contains all the stable and bug-free working code. The development branch once complete will be merged with this branch.

  • development All the contributions should be pushed to this branch. If you're making a contribution, you are supposed to make a pull request to development. It is advisable to clone only the development branch using the following command:

    git clone -b <branch> <remote_repo>

Rules for contribution

  • Raise an issue before making PR.
  • Make all the PR's in development branch.
  • Contact the mentors at Gitter or Slack channel before contributing.

Team Members

  • Amartya Mondal
  • Aman Jee
  • Anmol Chaddha
  • Aparsh Gupta
  • Somenath Sarkar
  • Oindrilla
  • Bhavna Haritsa
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