Experiments on english wikipedia. GloVe and word2vec.
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Evaluation of word embeddings

Code for the blog post evaluating implementations of word2vec in gensim and GloVe in text2vec.


  1. This will create vocabulary, train text2vec GloVe and evaluate it: bash -i -c "./memusg Rscript ./run_glove_text2vec.R ~/Downloads/datasets/enwiki_splits/ ~/Downloads/datasets/questions-words.txt ./enwiki_dim=600_vocab=30k/" > ./enwiki_dim=600_vocab=30k/glove.log 2>&1 &
  2. This will train gensim and evaluate its accuracy: bash -i -c "./memusg python ./run_word2vec.py ~/Downloads/datasets/title_tokens.txt.gz ~/Downloads/datasets/questions-words.txt ./enwiki_dim=600_vocab=30k" > ./enwiki_dim=600_vocab=30k/word2vec.log 2>&1 &

Pretrained vectors

You can download pretrained vectors from my google drive.

To replicate my results from the blog article, download and preprocess Wikipedia using this code.