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Jobber Build Status CII Best Practices

A replacement for cron, with sophisticated status-reporting and error-handling.


Jobber is a lightweight utility for Unix-like systems that can run arbitrary commands, or "jobs", according to a schedule. It is meant to be a replacement for the classic Unix utility cron.

Along with the functionality of cron, Jobber also provides:

  • Job execution history: you can see what jobs have recently run, and whether they succeeded or failed.
  • Sophisticated error handling: you can control whether and when a job is run again after it fails. For example, after an initial failure of a job, Jobber can schedule future runs using an exponential backoff algorithm.
  • Sophisticated error reporting: you can control whether Jobber notifies you about each failed run, or only about jobs that have been disabled due to repeated failures.


Contributions/suggestions/requests are welcome! Feel free to open an issue, or ask a question on the mailing list.

More Info

More info can be found on Jobber's website.

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