The awesome Cerebral by Christian Alfoni running on React Native
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Cerebral React Native iOS Demo

The awesome Cerebral by Christian Alfoni running on React Native.

Demo Gif

Try it out

1. Install the debugger

2. Setup the demo

  • Clone this repo
  • Run npm install

3. Run the demo

  • Run open CerebralReactNativeIOSDemo.xcodeproj
  • Run npm start
  • Click Run in Xcode

4. Hook into the debugger

  • In the iOS Simulator:
  • Press Command-Option-z
  • Click Debug in Chrome
    • In Chrome, press Command-Option-j (to open Developer Tools)
    • Navigate to the "Cerebral" tab to view your state!

More Info

Right now, this is working due to a series of hacks that I put together. You can find them in my forks of cerebral and cerebral-react-immutable-store. The hacks aren't too bad, so hopefully we'll see support for React Native officially very soon.

If you have any trouble getting the demo running, please create an issue or find me in the #reactnative channel on freenode or Reactiflux.

The demo itself

The <TextInput> fields are a little wonky since the JS bridge seems a little slow for it to be saving all state constantly through Cerebral. It's probably not the best example performance-wise, but it at least demonstrates what Cerebral can do with state, and it serves the main purpose of showing that it can be run on top of React Native.

What's Cerebral?!

If you haven't checked out Cerebral, please do! Check out the wonderful set of videos that Christian has recorded here and give it a try!