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Do, undo and redo library for javascript
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Do, undo and redo library for javascript

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var add = function() { alert('Buy a cat'); }
var remove = function() { alert('Give a cat'); }
undone.execute(add, remove); // Alerts 'Buy a cat'
undone.undo(); // Alerts 'Give a cat'
undone.redo(); // Alerts 'Buy a cat'

See the complete documentation in undone.js


To install for a website, copy undone.min.js with the other javascript files of your project and include it.

To install in a Node.js project npm install undone


Give what you want to contribute to open-source :


You can create issues.

You can also contribute code :

  1. Fork the code on GitHub
  2. Clone your fork in your environment : git clone
  3. Create a branch for your feature : git checkout -b your_branch_name
  4. Write and delete code and commit as often as you can : git commit -am "A descriptive message"
  5. Push the branch to your fork : git push origin your_branch_name
  6. Create a pull request on GitHub (click the Pull request button on your fork page)

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