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Predicting coexistence in experimental ecological communities

Nature Ecology & Evolution (2020), 4:91-100

Daniel S. Maynard, Zachary Miller, Stefano Allesina

This repository contains code accompanying the published manuscript. Note that there was a publisher correction made to the original formatting, so please download the latest version of the manuscipt to ensure the typesetting is correct. A preprint is also available here.

Please email Dan Maynard ( or Stefano Allesina ( with any questions.

Organization of the repository

The data folder contains the data sets considered in the manuscript. The data were reorganized to simplify the analysis. Please acknowledge and cite the original authors (listed below) if you want to use the data. We also link the data repositories where the original data can be found, and the articles where the data are described.

The code folder contains three sub-folders, each dedicated to a different method to fit the endpoints (all described in the Materials and Methods). All the code is in R, and the README file illustrate how to use the code on the data provided here, or on original data.

Data credits

The data used for this manuscript were made available by the original Authors without restrictions. Please acknowledge the use of the data and the respective publication if you use any of the data sets.

Kuebbing et al. 2015

  • Article
  • Data (made available by the corresponding author)

Rakowski and Cardinale 2016

Pennekamp et al. 2018


Data and code for "Predicting coexistence in experimental ecological communities"






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