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.Net Core libraries for Spyder, targeting Desktop and Windows UWP applications
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Provides a modern, fully async compatible .Net Standard 2.0 library for creating applications and utilities targeting the Spyder video processor from Desktop (.Net 4.6.2 or later) or Windows UWP applications (Windows 10).

Key Features

  • Full implementation of the published Spyder UDP control protocol
  • System Config File parsing - provides full Spyder data object model to clients
  • Drawing Data (live view) data stream deserialization (Supports 2.10.8 - 5.X+)
  • Spyder quick file transfer procotol (QFT) implementation. List, get, and set files
  • Thumbnail Manager - provides background downloading, multi-resolution scaling, and memory lifetime management of system thumbnail images


This library was built using Visual Studio 2019, and can either be downloaded and compiled from source or downloaded as a Nuget Package if you prefer - search for SpyderClientLibrary from the Nuget package manager to get started.

If you are running Windows 8.1 or later, take a look at the Spyder Client for Windows application in the Windows Store for an example of some of the things possible.

If you run into issues

I've taken great effort to make this library as solid as possible, but if you run into any problems or want to see something added, please feel free to log them in the issue tracker or fix them up and send me a pull request.

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