Decode Secrets for Android files on a Java SE platform
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This program allows a standard Java-SE platform to decode Secrets for Android files.

Compilation instructions

Run ant on the project's root directory. You will need an internet connection, because the build will download a cryptography provider library from The executable jar will be placed in the lib directory.


To decode an existing file run

java -jar lib/secrets.jar inputfile outputfile

Sadly the default installation of the Jav 6 Java runtime environment doesn't offer cryptographic services, nor does it play particularly well with existing providers. If you install secrets.jar in another location you will need to copy alongside the appropriate Legion of the Bouncy Castle crypto provider library bcprov-jdk....jar. Note that the JDK 7 seems to include the required cryptographic functionality out of the box.

Furthermore, to avoid an exceception Illegal key size you must modify your Java runtime installation to support strong cryptography. For that download the strong cryptography policy files from the location where you downloaded your Java runtime environment and install them according to the supplied instructions.