Ecliptic curves cryptography standard DSTU 4145 in JS
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GF2m ellipcit curves library in javascript.

  • Supports short Weierstrass curves used in Ukrainian standard DSTU 4145;
  • Provides key deriviation for DSTU block ciphers (see;
  • Encypted containers can be parsed and decrypted if respective cipher implementation is passed. See gost89, node-gost90 and dstucrypt/agent for reference;
  • Encrypted and signed messages in wicked PKCS#7 format used by tax office ( are supported for both read and write (see jk.Box, jk.util.transport);
  • When running on node, "speedup" module node-gf2m can be used for 2x performance boost (see dstucrypt/agent and node-gf2m packages).


  • Jkurwa does not guarranty constant-time calculcation;
  • Jkurwa only verifies signature against public key and does not actually check X.509 certificate validity (use openssl for this).


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See ./test/ and ./examples/ directories. See dstucrypt/agent repo for example app.

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