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Translation Utility to Create Pseudo Translations of PO Files
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Potpie: Pseudo Po Translations

Potpie is a GPL Licensed cli wrapper around the Psuedo Translations available from Transifex pseudo translations. The available types are brackets, unicode, planguage, extend, and mixed.


To install requests, simply:

$ pip install potpie

Or, if you absolutely must:

$ easy_install potpie

But, you really shouldn't do that.


To create a pseudo translated po file, simply:

$ potpie [--type] infile outfile

An example for a Django project might be:

$ potpie locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/django.po locale/xx_pseudo/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

The default type is mixed, if you wish to use another type simplify specify it as an option like:

$ potpie --type brackets locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/django.po locale/xx_pseudo/LC_MESSAGES/django.po


Adds square brackets around the string (e.g. [translated text])
Converts all characters into look alike unicode characters

Increases the length of a string by around 30-50% by replacing the vowels with unicode chars that look alike.

This is based on a P-language, which is a simple vowel-extending language.

Increases the length of a string by around 20-700% by appending special chars (Greek, Chinese, etc) to the end of the string.
Combines Extend, Unicode and Brackets into one Type.
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