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This project creates functional bean definitions from Spring Boot autoconfigurations. It’s really (surprisingly) fast.

To use it include the library on your classpath:


Create your Spring Boot application as an ApplicationContextInitializer and register beans in the initialize() method, e.g.

public class AutoApplication
		implements ApplicationContextInitializer<GenericApplicationContext> {

	public String home() {
		return "Hello";

	public void initialize(GenericApplicationContext context) {
		context.registerBean(AutoApplication.class, () -> this);


then use the custom SpringApplication class from this library instead of the default one to launch your app, as normal:

	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {, args);

Instead of using an ApplicationContextInitializer you can use the regular @SpringBootApplication and @Configuration programming model in your own classes, and set spring.functional.enabled=true (e.g. as a System property). Be sure to use the custom SpringApplication class though if you do that.

For integration tests use the test context loader from this library. E.g:

@SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT)
@ContextConfiguration(classes = AutoApplication.class, loader = AutoTestContextLoader.class)
public class AutoApplicationTests {

	private WebTestClient rest;

	public void contextLoads() {


Unsupported: test slices (@WebMvcTest etc.) and @AutoConfigure* annotations in tests.