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Steps in doing an ns release:
If necessary, do a otcl,tclcl release. Following are things you need to do for a otcl, tclcl or nam release:
0. get latest config.sub and config.guess from
1. update configure (or conf/*) to show current versions of pkgs
1.1. re-autoconf if you have changed conf/*
1.2. update the windows makefile with "make"
(if possible, test this by building under windows
2. update CHANGES.html to show when release happens.
3. make srctar.
4. update CHANGES.html to add a new section for the next pending release.
5. nam-- revise the version numbers for Nam and NamGraph in
6. commit the changes
7. tag the cvs archive; e.g.:
cd otcl; cvs tag OTCL_1_13
cd tclcl; cvs tag TCLCL_1_19
cd nam-1; cvs tag NAM_1_13
0.1. figure what the new version
0.2. send out release announcement to ns-developers for approval
- describe what's new
0.3. get latest config.sub and config.guess from
0.4. Check to make sure conf/{otcl,TclCL,tcl,tk}
refer to the current versions
(For example TclCL_VERS should match the most recent tclcl release,
(re-autoconf ns if you change things in conf/*).
1.1. make sure test suites all pass
1.2. make sure that FILES is up-to-date
diff "bin/gen-files" aginst FILES
Edit FILES: remove files that are no longer needed and add the
new ones; don't add files which are auto-generated
2.1. update CHANGES.html to show when the release happens
(like the last time it was released)
2.2. make sure is up to date. If not, do
2.3. "make srctar"
4.1. test on new system
(build, run test scripts)
4.2. Run the same test on a machine other than those of ISI's or even
5. put the tar in /nfs/web/
5. Make a hard link to ~ftp/dist/vint. (For people accessing
things via ftp.)
5. Put binaries for platforms supported under
5.1. commit all your changes
5.2. tag the cvs archive
(cd ~ns; cvs tag NS_2_1B6; )
6.1. update the web page(s), e.g., "Building NS".
6.2. Create a seperate "NS-Problems" section for the new version.
7. send out the release announcement (ns-users, ns-announce)
(also send to end2end if it's a non-{alpha,beta} release)
8. update the VERSION and the BASE-VERSION files to the next version
8.1. update CHANGES.html to add a section for the next pending release
8.2 commit your changes to the VERSION, BASE-VERSION and CHANGES.html for the next release
If making a ns-allinone release,
1. check if all pkgs (tk,tcl, otcl,tclcl,ns, nam etc) are same as the
current available version and change version num in install
2. follow steps as above.
3. update install in the cvs under ~ns/allinone
Update these web pages, or contact someone who has permissions to do so: (News)