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I love JavaScript. But the sort function is admittedly broken.

[5, 10, 1].sort();
// => [1, 10, 5]

This humble little package "fixes" it, to make it a little more sane.

I won't claim that this is any sort of comprehensive sort implementation. It just makes the default behavior for sort a little more sensible:

  • Arrays of numbers are sorted properly
  • Arrays of strings are sorted properly
  • For mixed arrays (numbers + strings), numbers come first, then strings
  • For everything else (null, bools, objects, etc.), I personally don't think sorting with sort() even makes sense. So the behavior in this case is undefined. (Sorting with a custom comparison function is still supported, of course.)

Here's how you "use" it:

// Array.prototype.sort gets patched in here.

[5, 10, 1].sort();
// => [1, 5, 10]

That's it and that's all.