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SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection

SOLID is a software library containing functions for performing intersection tests and proximity queries that are useful in the context of collision detection. Collision detection is the process of detecting pairs of geometric objects that are intersecting or are within a given proximity of each other. In particular, SOLID is useful for detecting collisions between objects that are moving relatively of each other over time. The motions of objects are controlled by the client application, and are not determined or affected by SOLID.

This open-source edition of SOLID version 3 is released under the terms of either the GNU Public License (GPL) or the Q Public License (QPL). This means that for software created with SOLID version 3 you must comply with the terms of one of these licenses. You may choose which of these licenses best suits your purpose. See the following files contained in this distribution for a complete list of terms and conditions of these licenses:

	 LICENSE_QPL.txt	 The Q Public License 
	 LICENSE_GPL.txt	 The GNU General Public License

These licenses do not permit the use of SOLID 3 in closed-source software products. For enquiries about commercial use of SOLID, please contact

SOLID 3 uses Qhull from The Geometry Center of the University of Minnesota. Qhull is copyrighted as noted below. Qhull is free software and may be obtained via anonymous ftp from

                Qhull, Copyright (c) 1993-2002

   The National Science and Technology Research Center for
    Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures
                    (The Geometry Center)
                   University of Minnesota
                        400 Lind Hall
                    207 Church Street S.E.
                  Minneapolis, MN 55455  USA



SOLID builds can be configured using CMake for all platforms. For details on how to install SOLID using autoconf tools see the documentation in the 'doc' directory.


SOLID 3 has been tested on the following platforms:

Linux x86, x86_64	gcc 2.95, gcc 3.3, gcc 3.4, gcc 4.8
Win32		        MSVC++ 6.0 up to MSVC++ 14.0 

Some of the example applications use GLUT. GLUT is a utility toolkit for creating OpenGL applications. The original source code for GLUT is Copyright 1997 by Mark J. Kilgard. FreeGLUT, a compatible GLUT implementation can be downloaded from


SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection






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