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Basic ESP32-CAM sketch

About the sketch presented here:

Activities of the sketch:

  • The original sketch, written by Rui Santos, the ESP32-CAM takes a picture and then enters in sleep mode.
  • The sketch here implements a slight modification. Now, the ESP32-CAM doesn't goes to the sleep mode after taking a picture.
  • It takes a picture every 60 seconds and saves it in the MicroSD card attached to the ESP32-CAM.


Circuit for uploading the sketch to the ESP32-CAM:

Image 1

  • The diagram above uses an FT232R programmer to upload the sketch to the ESP32-CAM.
  • Connections:
    • IO0 (ESP32-CAM) - GND (ESP32-CAM)
    • GND (FT232R programmer) - GND pin (ESP32-CAM)
    • VCC (FT232R programmer) - 5V pin (ESP32-CAM)
    • TX (FT232R programmer) - U0R pin (ESP32-CAM)
    • RX (FT232R programmer) - U0T pin (ESP32-CAM)


Image 2 - ESP32-CAM programming

  • The picture above shows the ESP32-CAM in programming mode, using a FT232R programmer module.
  • Don't forget to connect the IO0 and GND pins of the ESP32-CAM (yellow wire in the picture abore).

Image 3 - ESP32-CAM programming

  • After uploading the sketch to the ESP32-CAM, disconnect it from the PC and remove the yellow wire.
  • Then, connect it again to the PC (or in power) and then it will work!
  • It will take a picture every 60 seconds and save then in the attached MicroSD card.
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