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🔬 Measuring the uniqueness of technological capabilities: A data-driven network exploration
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Measuring the uniqueness of technological capabilities

A data-driven network exploration

Note: These notebooks use python 2.7

This thesis project is related to two more general projects that are being developed in the context of the European Union and DTU that mix the above mentioned fields:

  • EURITO: This project seeks to explore the opportunities that Big Data and analyitics offer to transform R&I policy. Such opportunities include better targeting of policies, the discovery of new innovation opportunities, and more importantly, an enhanced understanding of innovation systems.
  • AMICA: This project, by DTU Management, takes this opportunity to design its objective: "to map worldwide industrial capabilities to support the development of new technologies, products and services with positive climate change impact, starting with biofuels."

These two examples are proof that the successful mapping and understanding of the architectural structure of these capabilities can be a serious advantage for most innovation areas and that this is indeed a field of high interest.

This project is a WIP and will be published here.

Duarte O.Carmo for Technical University of Denmark

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