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gulp-sentry-release facilitates the process of uploading your sourcemaps / min files to sentry. Also it provides an easy way to create and delete your version.

Why use it

It's a pain in the ass using curl to upload a file.


npm install gulp-sentry-release --save-dev

How do I use this awesome gulp plugin?

Go to sentry and create an API Token at The token must have project:read, project:write, project:releases permissions

Include this in your gulp file:

var opt = {
  // prefix domain in the `name` param when uploading a file. Leave blank to use the path
  // verbatim. Do not include a trailing slash.
  DOMAIN: '',
  API_URL: '',
  debug: true,
  versionPrefix: '' // Append before the version number in package.json

// Pull the version from the package.json file.
var sentryRelease = require('gulp-sentry-release')('./package.json', opt);

// Specify the version directly.
var sentryRelease = require('gulp-sentry-release')({
  API_URL: '',
  version: 'v0.1.7' // If specified, uses this version number.

Some gulp tasks you can use

var gutil = require('gulp-util');
var sentrySrc = [

  gulp sentry:release // Use package.json version
  gulp sentry:release -v 'version'
  gulp sentry:release --version 'version'
gulp.task('sentry:release', function () {
  var version = gutil.env.version || gutil.env.v;
  return gulp.src(sentrySrc, { base: './path/to/public' })

  gulp sentry:delete -v 'version'
  gulp sentry:delete --version 'version'
gulp.task('sentry:delete', function () {
  var version = gutil.env.version || gutil.env.v;
  return gulp.src(sentrySrc, { base: './path/to/public' })

  gulp sentry:create -v 'version'
  gulp sentry:create --version 'version'
gulp.task('sentry:create', function () {
  var version = gutil.env.version || gutil.env.v;
  return gulp.src(sentrySrc, { base: './path/to/public' })



Pipe your entire file stream and upload it to sentry When version is left blank, it will use the package.json version instead


Delete a version


Create a version


Sentry API Request Wrapper

  • create(version, cb(err, res, body))
  • delete(version, cb(err, res, body))
  • upload(version, file, cb(err, res, body))


If you think it would make sense to add some features/methods, don't hesitate to fork and make pull requests.


Distributed under the MIT License.